⁠First of all let me explain mismatches are barriers to interacting with the world around us. You know like when you can’t figure how to flush a toilet in a public washroom… (yes it’s true)

Kat Holmes talks about the 3 fears of inclusion. Inclusion isn’t nice, it’s imperfect and it’s ongoing. The imperfect and ongoing part of this is important to me because this work is never ending and it’s messy and you’re going to get it wrong. You need to apologize, reflect and keep going.

Chapter 7 “There’s no such thing as normal” was my fave. The author talks about the use of closed captioning and how it isn’t only for people who are hard of hearing but it could also be used for people in airports and teaching kids how to read.

Thanks @Tara.Robertson for the recommendation. I read it in one night and took lots of notes.

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It goes beyond diversity in so many ways.⁠

Did you know 76% of publishing professionals in America are white 81% or straight and 89 or non-disabled. When it comes to equity diversity and inclusion I often talk about how words matter and so if we are only reading books from white authors think of all the diversity we are missing. It is important to be intentional on what you read, by who and and where you purchase your books from.⁠

Another interesting fact is in 1980 there was only 7% are interracial marriages and in 2015 17% were interracial marriages. To me this seemed low and when I did some research in 2015 in Vancouver only 9.6% were interracial marriages. I am part of that 9.6% and often don’t think about it. It was when my daughter was born and I was asked a few times if I was the nanny as my daughter was darker.. I also remember being in Italy in 2004 and there would be locals staring at us. I found it odd but my husband knew right away as we were not the same race.⁠ There are so many other examples that provided me with a different perspective and way of thinking. ⁠

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A few years ago I decided I wanted to read more books especially around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion because there were very few courses to take on the subject. This year I am starting a new goal to read 52 books and bake 52 weeks of cookies. Why cookies and books? I was always a baker. My mom would make 12 kinds of cookies at the holidays and I guess it rubbed off on me. The smell and taste of a warm chocolate chip cookie is true bliss. Giving cookie packages is my thing. I hope you will follow me along on Instagram at @steph_redivo. And if you have a great cookie recipe or a recommended book let me know below.

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