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Week 11: Milk Chocolate Egg Cookies & "Inclusify"


5 Interesting insights: ⁠

Inclusifyer: To lead in a way that celebrates unique and dissenting perspectives while creating a collaborative environment where people feel they belong. We should all strive to be an "inclusifyer."⁠

The buying power of African Americans is 1.5 Trillion in 2021. What made a company money 20 years ago may not make money today. Understand your demographics and create products that are inclusive. ⁠

You process 11 million pieces of information in a second and are only conscious of about 40. That is a lot of information you are not aware of. Check your assumptions regularly and encourage others to call you in. ⁠

When men are engaged in gender inclusion programs 96% of companies see progress. Sponsorship is a key component and men are an important part to the success. ⁠

Best leaders have 2 skills in common: 1. Embrace different perspectives 2. They fit all unique pieces of a team together to create a cohesive team. The expectations of leaders today are extremely high and leaders need to be constantly up-skilling and supporting their teams.⁠

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