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Week 14: Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies & "Emotional Agility"

WHY THIS BOOK? Susan’s stories and humour come through the book and it almost feels like she is sharing stories around the dinner table with obviously coffee and cookies.⁠

The chapter on showing up discusses self-compassion and the importance of it. This chapter reminds me of Brene Brown’s famous quote “If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I am not interested in your feedback.” This chapter reminded me that I need to keep showing flaws and all to be there for people even if I don't have the answer. I remember the early conversations at TransLink when we were getting started and everyone had different opinions on where to begin on the EDI journey. I thought oh my gosh I don't have the answer immediately and I am the leader. Geez what an imposter. Again, having a wonderful network of people that I could chat with allowed me to find self-compassion and give me some grace and I took the time to understand the organization.⁠

The “Walking Your Why” chapter resonated with me as I am going through the Minerva Women (CHECK THEM OUT @MINERVABC) leading the way program and we went through an exercise of finding your values. I highly recommend you taking time to figure out your values: Living Into Our Values - Brené Brown (⁠

For me my values are equity, fun and connection and if I am living my values every day it is easier to make decisions.⁠

And the last bit of wisdom from Susan which is my favourite was the stories around “Grit versus Quit” page 182 to 187. You have to read it yourself.⁠

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