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Week 19: Salty and sweet Nova Scotia oatcakes & "Unbias"


This book was fantastic. It is a great resource that I will be referring to for years to come. Stacey offers practical advice and makes it easy to consume. Her blueprint she created goes from Awareness to Advocacy. ⁠

Here is an interesting stat: Google did an internal study that when 6 out of 10 people felt that their opinions count at work turnover was reduced by 27%, safety incidents by 40% and productivity increased by 12%.⁠

Given the great resignation and it being an employee market this again is another business case for psychological safe environments. I really hope in 2022 the word of the year is Psychological safety. Her book is full of statistics and stories with simple techniques to do today. I love the story about Hallmark and how their card sales were down in a certain retail location that had a high LGBT+ population. They brought the issue to their LGBT+ employee resource group and worked to create cards inclusive to LGBT+ families. This is a fantastic simple example of taking the time to ask and having this employee resource group.

My favourite chapter if I had to choose would be Chapter 12: Leaders see Colour. She addresses the “I don't see colour” narrative and provides ways to address it by having hard conversations and focusing on inclusion as an ally. Thank you Stacey Gordon for a timeless classic that will be used for years to come.⁠

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