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Week 2: Peanut Butter Cookies and "Mismatch"


⁠First of all let me explain mismatches are barriers to interacting with the world around us. You know like when you can’t figure how to flush a toilet in a public washroom… (yes it’s true)

Kat Holmes talks about the 3 fears of inclusion. Inclusion isn’t nice, it’s imperfect and it’s ongoing. The imperfect and ongoing part of this is important to me because this work is never ending and it’s messy and you’re going to get it wrong. You need to apologize, reflect and keep going.

Chapter 7 “There’s no such thing as normal” was my fave. The author talks about the use of closed captioning and how it isn’t only for people who are hard of hearing but it could also be used for people in airports and teaching kids how to read.

Thanks @Tara.Robertson for the recommendation. I read it in one night and took lots of notes.

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