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Week 23: "The Four Pivots" and Peanut Butter Cookies


I have been talking about this book ever since I started reading it a few weeks ago.⁠

This book is truly transformational and is one of my TOP 3 FAVOURITES FOR 2022, so far.⁠

Shawn Ginwright discusses how to go from lens to mirror (pivot 1), transactional to transformative (pivot 2), problem to possibility (pivot 3) and finally hustle to flow (pivot 4). ⁠

The fundamental principle of this book is that if you do not heal from your trauma you will not be able to heal families and communities. Really think about this. Of course that makes sense but who really stops to say I need to do the work and figure out why I act a certain way and take the time to speak to a therapist about past trauma. ⁠

On page 11, he says our real power comes from the courage to deal with our fractured relationships, the vulnerability to acknowledge our hurt feelings and the awareness to know when our ego shows up. It takes a lot of courage to do this in the EDI space. These are those moments of truth when you realize that it is time to get really real and raw. ⁠

There are way too many examples in this book that caused me to stop, reflect, write down ideas, yell quotes to my family and get excited to read the next chapter. Go get the book and my dear friends you will be gifted this book for birthdays and Christmas (which is only 196 days away).⁠

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