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Week 25: "How To Be An Ally" & Chocolate Chip Cookies with Milk Pearls

Why this book?⁠

This week I am talking about how to be an ally. There are way too many great insights and resources to share. I will share a few nuggets of wisdom however you have to promise me you will go buy this book from your local bookstore.⁠

1. Did you know that it only takes 0.1 second to make an impression. In chapter 4 do you no harm Melinda talks about how to interrupt your bias and by taking time to pause and reflect and to be curious.⁠

2. In general I really liked the examples that the author used and the fact that she mentioned indigenous groups both in the USA and Canada. Most US centric books typically don’t make reference to indigenous people, so thank you for that.⁠

3. There is a long list of micro aggressions and how to avoid them it is a very exhaustive and impressive list.⁠

4. The entire book has reflections and exercises at the end of each chapter which allowed me time to reflect. ⁠

And One of her last lines is “I believe in you and the collective impact we can make together.” It really does start with each of us taking the time to stand up and make a difference one action at a time.⁠

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