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Week 26: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies & "Inclusion Revolution" Part 1

Why this book?

So that this week and next week I am going to talk about the Inclusion Revolution.⁠

Daisy Auger-Dominguez has an impressive background in equity, diversity and inclusion at large companies. In her first story where she is at the board room and the execs are asking what is the root cause of not being able to hire Black or Latinx employees she blurted out "Racism". I yelled finally that people are getting real here and saying what it really is.⁠

Today I am going to share some interesting stats. Before I do, I will say statistics can be both helpful and a hindrance. I have had managers disagree with the statistical significance of an inclusion survey and I have had to say this is how people are feeling.⁠

I like keeping track of a list of stats so that when needed I can come back to them. You never know in a presentation when you need some facts.⁠

Harvard Business Review found that inclusive cultures in a 10,000 person company saved more than 52 million dollars.⁠

42% women of colour and 40% men of colour cover. Cover means they camouflage a part of themselves in order to fit into their environment ex. Work⁠

There is a tipping point in your organization when there is a critical mass and that is between 20-33% of underrepresented groups. Please do not read this and say ok great we will hit 30% and then we are done. You need to support and provide career opportunities.⁠

Now here is a shocking stat: According to a 2018 study a recruiter spends 7.4 seconds to scan a resume to decide whether you get an interview.⁠

Ok next week I will share more from Chapter 5 onwards. I recommend that you go and get the actual book so you can make notes and highlight sections.⁠

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