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Week 28: Chocolate Chip Ginger Cookies & "Four Thousand Weeks"

Why this book?

You know the articles:⁠

  • Top 3 Things To Do Before 8am To Have A Productive Day⁠

  • 3 Productivity Hacks To Do Today To Make You More Efficient⁠

  • Top X Ways To Find More Time⁠

I think I could go on forever because I click on them every single time. I have a Pinterest board for productive hacks. I have tried it all & what Oliver Burkeman says in his book, is that we have it all wrong. ⁠

Book is broken into 2 sections: Choosing to Choose and Beyond Control.⁠

My fav chapter is called "Staying on the Bus". It also just so happens I work in transportation so I am familiar with buses. This chapter is all about patience & understanding patience. It begins with an example of an art history teacher @ Harvard, Jennifer Roberts whose first assignment is to find a piece of art in a museum & stare at it for 3 hours. ⁠

I thought there was no way I could do that. The author shares his experience of how the first 18 min were very difficult & that it felt like hours, however he was able to calm his mind & focus on the painting. ⁠

When was the last time you did this? ⁠

I enjoyed learning about the 3 Principles of Patience, not surprisingly, b/c this is where I started to get some guidance on what to do.⁠

-Develop a taste for having problems- try to appreciate having problems⁠

-Embrace radical incrementalism - work on something even for 15 min a day⁠

-Originality lies on the far side of unoriginality- focus on consistency and stay on the course⁠

A great book that allowed me to rethink time & urgency, and appreciate that patience takes time.⁠

He has 5 questions for us and this is what stood out for me:⁠

How would you spend your days differently if you didn’t care so much about seeing your actions reach fruition? ⁠

As a program manager reaching a goal is very important & to be honest I am not sure what I would do differently.⁠

Another interesting book that allowed me to pause and reflect on my relationship to time and productivity.⁠

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