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Week 3: Strawberry Jam Cookies and "Invisible Women"




Let's start with the if you cant measure something you don’t know if you are successful or not.⁠⁠

Chapter 2 discussed urban planning and how one Canadian study said 50% of women avoid transportation at night. It is also worse for ethnic minority women that work odd hours because they need to take transit as taxis are too expensive. ⁠⁠

As well most agencies do not collect gender data so you cannot even understand travel patterns of men vs women. This is why data collection is important. ⁠⁠


In Chapter 4 the book discussed how quotas are actually good and special programs do work. In one study a company looking for a technical position had a male photo and used the term aggressiveness and competitiveness which resulted in 5% of women applying. When they changed the photo to a woman and changed their language to innovation and enthusiasm the % increased to 40%. It reminds me of the blind auditions in orchestras. Go google "blind auditions for orchestras" It is a classic example of how they increased women.⁠⁠


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