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Week 34: Lemon White Chocolate Cookies & "What we don't talk about when we talk about fat"

Ok, wow this book! This topic is still not discussed widely and we should. Aubrey is personal and vulnerable, sharing how strangers have taken food out of her cart and have asked to move seats on airplanes. There were a lot of stickies in this book. So before I get into a few of the interesting things I learned about just go buy this book. We all need to be discussing anti-fat bias. ⁠


Did you know the original intention for BMI was actually focused on "social physics" in the 1830’s. It wasn't until 1972 that it was used as an indicator for weight & health. Also did you know in the US schools used to provide BMI report cards for the parents? Can you imagine as a parent getting a report card sent home on your child’s weight. This one was hard for me to read & I thought wow this is how an eating disorder starts. ⁠

Chapter 4: On Concern & Choice. The author talks about the “I am just concerned for your health…..” which is usually followed by "I don't want you to die or you will have diabetes or you will never find someone”. ⁠

My father is considered overweight & I remember as a teen that I was really concerned I would become overweight like him. I am sure I have used that statement before.⁠

It helped me to understand how often strangers feel they have the right to give advice to fat people. She talks about all the issues with the show “The Biggest Loser”. ⁠

Aubrey leaves us in her last chapter talking about a world where fat people don't have to lose weight to fit in and where they receive the same healthcare as thin people. She shares a world where clothing sizes range from 0-40 & that our policies and culture change to end the selling of diet drugs and to end anti-fat violence to name a few.⁠

As someone who suffered an eating disorder in high school this book really spoke to me about the “fear of being fat.” ⁠

Have you read this book & if so what do you think?⁠

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