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Week 35: Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies & "The Sentence"

This week's book is "The Sentence" by Louise Erdrich.⁠


This book is hard to describe as it had a bit of everything. It based on a spirit who haunts an Indigenous bookstore and is based on recent events such as the murder of George Floyd and the protests. ⁠

The book is centered around Tookie, an indigenous woman who has had a hard upbringing and did something awful that put her in jail when she was younger. It has been many years since she was in jail however she lives with a lot of regret and gratitude for the lawyer who helped her get a lesser sentence. Her colleague at the bookstore Asema is always trying to seek justice for indigenous peoples and helps Tookie with getting the spirit to leave the bookstore and cross over to the other world. I love the dynamics between her and her husband Pollux. The fun banter and love between them is really beautiful. ⁠

I really needed a fiction book this week and I highly recommend this book. Of course the sentence has significant meaning in the book but I don’t want to ruin it for you. ⁠

Have you read it? Thoughts? Comments? Share below.⁠

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