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Week 37: Cowboy Cookies & "The Coaching Habit"

Guest Reviewer by partner who puts up with my ideas on how to change the world over long walks: @AlexSal

Why this book?⁠

This is a must read if you are leading a team. Quick read and easy to implement. ⁠

There are just 7 questions to keep in mind:⁠

1. What's on your mind?⁠

2. And what else?⁠

3. What's the real challenge here for you?⁠

4. What do you want?⁠

5. How can I help?⁠

6. If you're saying yes to this, what are you saying no to?⁠

7. What was most useful for you?⁠

It takes a bit of practice to remember all the questions, but it does work. These questions allow managers to help team members get to the root of the issues on their minds. It's also a time saver and mitigates long drawn-out conversations that typically end up in circles.⁠

Enjoy the book!⁠

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