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Week 38: Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies & "Women & Power: A Manifesto"

This week, I am featuring Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies & "Women & Power: A Manifesto" by Mary Beard⁠

Why this book?⁠

This book is broken into 2 sections: The public voice of women and women in power. It is a short read at 104 pages full of interesting facts and stories dating back to Homer’s odyssey over 3000 years ago. ⁠

The book starts off with a story about Odyssey’s son Telemachus telling his mother to go back to her room because “speech will be the business of men.” The mother turns around and goes back upstairs to her room. I thought wow if my teen ever spoke to me that way there would be some discussions happening. ⁠

The author talks about how a low pitched voice indicates “manly courage” and a high pitched voice indicates “weakness”. Recently I received some advice around negotiating telling me to speak low and slow. I have to admit I was a bit surprised to hear this because I felt it meant in order to negotiate you need to negotiate like a man. ⁠

I had hoped in 2022 we would move away from voice inflection as an opportunity to negotiate your salary. Overall this book provides the historical context to understand why gender inequality still exists today. ⁠

Note: Also at Week 38 I was looking for a smaller book to read as well. I am rethinking 2023 and what my book goals will be. I am open to suggestions. Drop them in the comments below!⁠

Ps. This cookie is delicious is the perfect combo! Let me know if you've tried a similar recipe?⁠

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