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Week 39: Honey Cookies & "How to talk to your boss about race"

Why this book?

This book was filled with facts & great practical advice when talking about race. Yes, it says to your boss; but it really can be anyone. She takes you through 9 chapters from spotting racism, to preparing for conversation, to holding the conversation and then following up.

Published in 2022 & it discusses how as you move up the leadership ladder the paler it gets, the author calls it the “reverse ombre.”.

Here are some facts to use at parties or presentations to explain why we need more representation in organizations:

-There are only 18 African American CEOS on the Fortune 500 list.

-Google’s leadership is 2.6 black and 3.7 Latinx.

-White men and women are 154% more likely to hold executive roles compared to Asian men and women.

-Racism against African Americans has cost the US economy $16 trillion in lost opportunities for employment, investment and economic consumption. Now I knew it was a lot but I didn't know this was in the trillions.

CHAPTER 2 dives into understanding your identity. I know I may mention this a lot but we cannot move the conversation on any EDI topic until we do some self-reflection of ourselves and our privilege. She has a set of great questions to ask yourself:

What social identities feel the most salient to you at work?

Which social identities do you think give you an advantage? Or disadvantage?

Finally, CHAPTER 6 "Pushing Back Against The Pushback" & 7 "From Model Minority to Affirmative Action to Problematic Pipelines" were my favourite.

This book is smaller than the average sized book and it was so easy to put in my purse which I really appreciated. So another great read for my feature!

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