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Week 41: Almond Cookies & "Leaders Eat Last"

Why this book?⁠

Working as an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director I take great pride in my work as employees trust me to create a more inclusive workplace. I am always looking for ways to be a better leader and this book provides great stories. Here are four great stories and quotes that stood out for me. ⁠

During the market crash of 2008 a CEO of an American Manufacturing company decided that instead of having layoffs every employee from CEO to secretary would have to take 4 weeks unpaid leave during the year. It didn't matter when and whether it was taken together or not. Now what I appreciate about this is that the CEO found another alternative instead of layoffs. The CEO valued their employees and found a creative solution. ⁠

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work is creative work and looking for alternatives. ⁠

This quote is powerful. Read it twice: “Our intelligence gives us ideas and instructions. But it is our ability to cooperate that actually helps us get things done.” Collaboration is the secret sauce to getting things done more efficiently and creatively. ⁠

August 5th 1981 is the day corporations were given the green light to lay off people. Well not exactly however it is the day that President Reagan fired 11,359 air traffic controllers. They were demanding more pay and shorter weeks so President Reagan fired them and banned every striker from working for the FAA again for the rest of their lives. Wow…pretty harsh. Most of these air traffic controllers were war veterans who found themselves in poverty after this. ⁠

There is always a ripple effect to every action you take and this is an example of horrible leadership. ⁠

Let me know what you think, in the comments below!⁠

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