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Week 45: Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies⁠ & "No Regrets"

This week we are featuring "No Regrets": How To Live Today For Tommorow's Emotional Well-Being" written by Dr. Bill Howatt and Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies⁠


Maybe it is that time of year where I am taking time to reflect on what I have accomplished in 2022 and thought this book would help provide some support.⁠

This book provided a framework called ERP (No not Enterprise Resource Planning) but Expect unpleasant emotions, Resist reacting and Pivot toward a pleasant emotion. The author goes into great detail about these three items. Each chapter has reflection questions at the end which I am noticing now more authors are doing that. I really like to have the recap and questions at the end for when I want to review again at a later date.⁠

There is a section in the book that discusses what can you control and what can't you control. I spend a lot of time asking myself this. When you want to move things along to create an inclusive environment there are some things that happen and you have no control over. I am slowly learning to let these things go or approach it differently. ⁠

The chapter on writing a positive mindset was my favourite and discusses how to practice gratitude on a daily basis and how fun is good for your emotional well-being. Fun is one of my core values and being able to bring fun into difficult and often serious conversations is one of my super powers. This book was a great reminder to take the time, have compassion and expect that unpleasant emotions will come up. The question really is how are you going to respond to these emotions. ⁠

I will leave you with a couple questions that really stood out to me:⁠

Where will you focus your energy?⁠

When was the last time you felt peace of mind?⁠

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