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Week 46: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies & "Right Within"

Why this book?⁠

As I am on this journey to read 52 books this year there are some books that create different feelings for me. As I read Minda Hart share her story of reclaiming power and working through the trauma of toxic workplaces the words calm, clear and grounded kept coming to my mind. ⁠

Every example highlighted how she chose to take her power back and heal. Her book is filled with compassion and lots of tools to help the reader regain their power. Now I am a white woman reading this book so for me I really appreciated learning and understanding from her experience as a black woman. The part that I could relate to was the toxic work culture and having a toxic manager which led me to going on short term disability in 2019. ⁠

The chapter titled “How Will I Know” discusses a mindset shift where Minda realized instead of asking the question of can I bring my authentic self to work but whose version of authenticity are we talking about. I find this really interesting because it really is the authenticity that is acceptable in white environments. ⁠

Another powerful term she used was “vibrating higher” and that situations will happen but you will be unbothered by them. By vibrating higher you realize you do not need to deal with dumb sh&t anymore. ⁠

Minda shares the tools that helped her heal with the intention of helping others. She is very real and says your journey may take longer and you have to be easy on yourself. I appreciate her chapter on the importance of her faith and religion. Religion is still not talked about a lot these days and it is an important part of people’s lives so I am glad she shared her story and tools with the world. If you haven't read her first book the Memo please go do that as well. ⁠

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