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Week 47: Ginger Molasses Cookie & "Money: A Love Story"

For this week, we have a very special guest reviewer - please welcome Brenda, everyone! @Your3Uniques


Money A Love Story helps the reader commit to true financial freedom and manifestation of your most expressed self.⁠

I thought it was so good that I read it twice. And did ALL of the exercises. It's that good.⁠

A great read if you want to be left feeling empowered about your financial situation. Incorporates spiritual tools to get your finances on track. It has homework at the end of each chapter.⁠

The book is full of both practical advice, such as how to understand your cash flow, spending habits and the energy of money. The author links our money blocks to beliefs and stories we’ve carried since childhood and how to start changing that narrative. This work is critical for building a life aligned to our values and goals, more open to new job offers, investment opportunities, etc.⁠

I did ALL the exercises: daily affirmations, explored further book suggestions, meditation, checking my money accounts daily, choosing gratitude every day I looked at my back account statements, and so much more. ⁠

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