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Week 48:White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism &"Christmas Crack"


Now this book has been getting a lot of attention or maybe just because I have been paying attention to the responses from the media. The New York Post op ed piece headline is ‘White Women’ book that calls all white women racist is a manipulative sham and is focused on the cost of the dinner charging thousands. I think the article misses the whole point of white privilege and how white women uphold this privilege because it benefits us. ⁠

This book shared how white women time a time again would fall into the category of white anger, white tear and general white fragility. Regina and Saira have hosted many race2dinners and put their findings and conversations into a book. ⁠

The dinner party rules are the following: a white woman hosts the dinner with Regina and Saira inviting their white women friends because white women love dinner parties. Regina and Saira ask a series of questions like who is racist and who would like to trade places with a black woman? If any white woman cries or gets angry she must leave the table immediately and the host is there to support Regina and Saira. This book is about how us white women benefit from our privilege and by choosing to stay silent it is causing a lot of harm. This book had me reflecting a lot around times I was silent and then embarrassed feeling guilty and then trying to justify why it was ok. Even reading the examples in the book had me thinking “oh s&8t”. ⁠

What is refreshing about this book is that they call it out and it is uncomfortable and we need to do better. Regina and Saira share a lot of lived experiences on how perfection, silence and white saviours have shown up in their lives. ⁠

There is a lot of compassion in this book and when I saw another woman in my network reading this book I reached out to her to have a discussion. ⁠

Every white woman needs to read this book! Go get it. And when emotions come up, journal or talk to another white friend and continue pushing through. ⁠

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