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Week 52: Unmanageable & "Funfetti Shortbread Bites"


Before I get into why this book, I want to share that reading 52 books this year has been quite the journey and I will share more in the coming weeks. I am really proud of myself for taking this on and also want to say I will not be choosing this goal in 2023. I want to thank Judie, Brenda and Alex for being contributors to the 52 weeks. Most of the books I read this year were really great and I am impressed with the equity, diversity and inclusion practitioners who have helped me become better at my job. Thank you to Tara Robertson who recommended this book as the final book.⁠

As I read unmanageable I found I was re-living the pandemic through the eyes of the authors. The book is a collection of their newsletters starting March 2020 to May 2021.⁠

It is funny, sarcastic and so real. ⁠

Instagram limited the amount I could share here - but find me on LinkedIn, and read more there.⁠

I really loved this book also because they just call it. It is really refreshing to see a book that is so real with managers. I am curious, have you read this book? If not again go get it. PS: it's only 217 pages.⁠

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