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The Steph Book Club

Having meaningful conversations and building community is why I started running book clubs.  I wanted to find a way to connect and share with others while hearing from different perspectives.

Here is what people are saying about the book club:

"Joining Steph’s book club has been a game changer for me. It’s not just about reading (last two books were just amazing); it's a journey of shared experiences and diverse perspectives. For both book clubs that I attended, the discussions that we had sparked new insights, challenging my thoughts. It also made me read and open my mind to books I might not have picked up. I also love how Stephanie is able to create an atmosphere where there is camaraderie, great dialogues and genuine connections." - M.P

"Joining Stephanie's book club has been a fantastic journey, not only keeping me on track with books I'm genuinely interested in but also fostering a deeper understanding of the concepts through Steph's facilitated discussions. In the beginning of each session, Steph provides a fantastic recap of the covered chapters and crafts thought-provoking questions that consistently lead to engaging conversations.


Even in the virtual sessions, the atmosphere is warm and personal, creating an easy and enjoyable environment to engage in. I had such a great time that I was so excited for the chance to meet everyone in person. The in-person sessions provide a fantastic opportunity to expand connections in an open and friendly setting. And, of course, Steph's homemade cookies added a delightful touch to the experience!" -H.RD

The next book we are reading is "The Art of Possibility" on June 23rd from 11-1pm.

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